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Amy Street

Main Period: Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s 4 & 7

Amy Street originally ran from Sydenham Road, through the brickpits to Addison Road. Now it is a relatively short Street. It is shown as a Road in the 1883 Beer’s Estate plan that ran from Sydenham Road through to Addison Road. The Marrickville Brick Yards were excavated after 1883 and Amy Street was shortened considerably.. 

Plan showing excavation Marrickville Bri

This map (c.1922) shows Amy Street passing through the brick pits that have now been filled in to create Henson Park.

1883 Beer's Estate, Marrickville - Chape

Amy Street is shown on this 1883 Seer's Estate Subdivision as running from Addison Road through to Sydenham Road.

Amy Street

No 7 is a small Federation cottage (c.1908) with leadlight in the fan light above the front door. While the leadlight is in a small Federation cottage it has a strong Victorian look.

No 4 Amy Street Fanlight.jpg
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