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Warren Road

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Warren Road looking tOWARDS cARRINGTON s
Warren Road looking east from Livingstone Road.  May 2021.

Leadlight apparent at No’s 5, 7, 9, 11A, 43, 52, 54, 106, 109, 110, 112 &128.

1880’s through to the current era.  The first subdivisions created the gardens and the mansions with many acres of land. In the early 1880’s subdivision began apace. One of the first to go under the hammer was Marrickville House and the land bordering Livingstone and Warren Roads. The Sydney Mail and Advertiser (Sat 11th March 1882) recorded that Richardson and Wrench ‘….. sold by private contract, Marrickville House and grounds..’ for £3000 to Mr Kingsbury… who apparently bought all five lots. This was later divided and Marrickville House demolished. There are now many Californian bungalows in this area.


Warren Road is a road in two parts. The south-eastern end was called Creek Street in 1881 when the warren Grove estate was auctioned. The following year, when the unsold lots went up for auction the name had changed to Warren Road.

Thomas Holt had built ‘The Warren’ in 1859 and it became a significant feature of Marrickville. When Holt returned to England in 1883 the estate was subdivided.


Harnleigh House was owned by Frederick Bretnall and occupied several acres between Warren Road and Harnett Street. It was advertised for sale in the Evening News on Monday 29 Aug 1887 and described as ‘a most desirable Suburban residence and grounds occupying one of the best and most elevated positions on the heights of Marrickille’ It was advertised again in March 1886 and eventually it too was demolished and a part of the estate is now the Louisa Lawson Reserve.

1881 Warren Grove, Marrickville - Illawa
In 1881 Warren Road was shown as Creek Road.
1882  Harnleigh, Marrickville - Livingst
1882 houses on the south western side of Warren Road
1876  Marrickville house & grounds - War
The north western end of Warren Road in 1882 showing Marrickville House
1876 Warren Grove, Marrickville - Illawa
By 1882 Creek St had become Warren Road
1885 Harnleigh Estate, Marrickville - Li
This 1885 subdivision plan shows that not all the lots were sold in the 1882 auction.
1896 Harnleigh, Marrickville - Harnett A
Harnleigh House and grounds were auctioned in 1886 and advertised again in 1887.
Warren Road Californian Bungalows..JPG
Californian Bungalows on Warren Road.  May 2021.
Warren Road looking east.JPG
Warren Road looking east towards Carrington Road.  May 2021.

Warren Road

No 5 is a Californian bungalow (c.1928) with leadlight in two small windows facing west and in the sidelights of the front door to the Veranda.


No 5 Warren Road Sidelights to Verandah
No 5 Warren Road Two Small WindowsFacing
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