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Summer Hill

Wellesley Street

Main Period: Victorian - Interwar 

Wellesley Street.jpg

Leadlight apparent at No’s 3, 5, 16, 32 & 35.

1881 Sketch Plan Summerhill Estate - Cho
1881 Summerhill Estate - Choice Sites -

The sketch plan on the left was used to draft the subdivision plan for the Summer Hill Estate in 1881. The lots on the south side are clearly shown.

Wellesley Street has a very Victorian look to it. The street has some beautiful and well preserved Victorian homes from the early 1880’s. By the late 1890’s almost all lots had been sold and as indicated in the 1905 subdivision shown to the right, almost all lots had dwellings erected on them. This explains why there are so many late Victorian single and two story terrace houses in the street. It also explains why there is very little original leadlight in the street because most of the houses here were built in the early 1880s when leadlight wasn’t really that fashionable in domestic homes. There are very few houses in Wellesley Street from the Federation period. There are two small California bungalows at the very eastern and the Wellesley Street that have retained their original Leadlight.

1887 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley
1885 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley

In 1885 another auction of lots in Wellesley Street occurred and 1887 map shows that all lots on the northern side had been sold.

1892 Summer Hill Estate Fleet Street, Ed
1905 Summerhill Estate - Nowranie St, Sm

By 1892 almost all lots in Wellesley Street were sold and the 1905 auction of the Summer Hill Estate shows just how much building had occurred in Wellesley Street.

Wellesley Street

No 3 is a small California bungalow (c.1920) with leadlight in a three panel casement window on the verandah. The design is beautifully subtle with a bevelled glass diamond as the focus and three other small diamonds of yellow and maroon.

No 3 Wellesley Street Three Panel Caseme
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