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Summer Hill

Lorne Street

Main Period: Victorian

Leadlight apparent at No's 9 & 17

1886 Tavistock Estate - Summer Hill - Lo

When you walk down Lorne Street it is is obviously a very old street developed in the 1880's or 90's. It feels quite quaint.

1887 Partial plan of Summer Hill - Somer
Tavistock Estate Moonbie Street, Morris

The northern side of Lorne Street is shown on this 1886 subdivision of the Tavistock Estate. Urana Street is now Smith Street.

The southern side of Lorne Street is shown in this partial plan of the Somerset Estate in 1887. Not the Campbell land from Sophia Campbell's estate.

Lorne Street

No 9 is a beautiful Victorian house (c.1888) with some wonderful Victorian leadlight in the front door panels, sidelights & tops and in the fanlight. The design is typical of the late Victorian era, almost austere and very geometric.

No 9 Lorne Street Front Door Panels, Sid
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