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Schwebel Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 9, 40 46 &48.

Schwebel Street is shown on the Myrtle Grove subdivision of 1884 Myrtle Grove is shown as a mansion on this subdivision with a frontage on Schwebel Street. There is a huge drop of about 10 metres to where the mansion would have been. The subdivision shows that lots on the southeastern side of Schwebel were auctioned as early as 1884. Lot at the southwestern are shown n the Warren Grove Estate in 1888 where the street was shown as Shwabel Street. In 1891 the Residence of J.Meeks is clearly shown ordering o Schwebel Street. In 1896 Meeks’ property appears to have been acquired by Alexander Sneddon and renamed Myrtle Grove. With such early subdivisions there isn’t a lot of leadlight. Schwebel Street is shown in the 1920 Riverdale Estate as having a lot of cottages with many of their names shown.

1884 Myrtle Grove  Marrickville - Schweb
1884, the first subdivision of the Myrtle Grove Estate
1891 Marrickville overlooking The Warren
This 1891 subdivision shows the house owned by Mr J. Meeks Esq. and the narrowing of the street.
1888 (Warren Grove Estate Marrickville
Sketch of the Warren Grove Estate of 1888.
1896 Myrtle Grove no. 2, Marrickville -
1896 Myrtle Grove No 2
1920 Riverdale Estate, Marrickville - Ar
Schwebel Street as part of the 1920 Riverdale Estate. The names of some of the houses are shown.

Schwebel Street

No 9 is a small Californian bungalow with leadlight in a five panel casement square bay window. This design is a mixture of lots of bits and pieces The central panel and the two end panels have a large bevelled glass oval as the focus while the outer two panels use a set of four bevelled glass diamonds. It is a beautiful window.


No  9 Schwebel Street Five Panel Casemen
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