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Silver Street

Main Period: Victorian

No 122 Silver Street.jpg
Semi-detached cottages in Silver Street.

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 5, 8, 9, 11, 13, 23, 57, 73, 101, 122 & 126A.

A symmetrical late Victorian Early Federation house.
Semi-detached houses.

Silver Street is broken into two by Marrickville Road. The southern part was sold initially around 1889 and the remaining lots throughout the 1890’s. The Woodlands Estate Clearance Sale shows that almost half the lots in Silver Street South were already sold and had semi-detached dwellings shown.

1882 Silvergrove Estate, Marrickville -
The Silvergrove Estate 1882.
1889 (c) Woodlands Estate, Marrickville
Woodlands 1889 showing Woodlands.
Silver Street.jpg
Silver Street August 2020
1885 Burlington Estate, Marrickville Hei
Burlington Estate 1885
1891 Woodlands Estate, Marrickville - Ca
Woodlands 1891 showing some of the houses already built.

Silver Street

No 1 is a Federation house (c.1910) with leadlight in the fan light above the front door.

No 1 Silver Street Fanlight.jpg
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