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George Street

George Street From the Western End.jpg
George Street from the western end, August 2020

Main Period: Victorian

Leadlight apparent at No’s 6, 28, 30, 31, 40, 41, 48 & 50.

There are some magnificent examples of leadlight n George Street from the 1890’sthrough to the late 1930’s. The street is well worth walking along just to see the changing leadlight designs over 50 years.


Some lots in George Street, near Wardell Road, were auctioned as ‘Favells Garden’ in 1883. George Street is shown on the 1884 Hawkhurst Estate where lots at the eastern end of the street leading to Livingston Road (then shown as Cook’s River Old Road) were auctioned.


There were probably a number of large mansions in George Street in the 1880’s when it was originally subdivided. Most of those have been redeveloped into units and flats. Some have literally had a new facade placed on the front of the building.

1883 14 allotments, Favells Garden, Marr
1884 Hawkhurst Estate, Marrickville - Ge
3 lots in George Street 1883 'Favells Garden
1884 Hawkhurst Estate.
No 41 George Street 'Georgia'.jpg
No 31 George Street .jpg
From the grandeur of the Victorian mansion to an Interwar block of flats; George Street displays range of leadlight over 50 years.

George Street

No 6 is a small Californian bungalow (c.1926) with leadlight it in a two panel small window facing east.

No 6 George Street Two Panel Small Windo
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