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Griffith  Street

Main Period: Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s 10, 13, 21 & 23

Griffith Street was previously known as 'Wattle Street' and runs from Canterbury Road through to Hardy Street. Most of the land was subdivided after Federation.

No 10 is a striking example of a Federation house built in 1901. It sits on the corner of Queen and Griffiths Streets and has some outstanding example of leadlight windows of the period. There are also some fine examples of leadlight windows that would have been installed in the period immediately prior to Federation at No’s 13, 21, 23 & 33

Griffith Street

No 10 is a remarkable Federation house (1901). It now faces a busy roundabout and must be observed by thousands of people each week. The main leadlight window is a tall four panel casement window and has an 'ovalate' design. There is an four panel casement with a different design facing Queen Street. The front entrance is surrounded by leadlight in the door panel, sidelights & tops and in the fanlight but it is partially obscured. There are also two Federation bull's eyes on the verandah. There are other leadlight windows but they are not visible from the street.

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