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Malakoff Street

Malakoff Street.jpg
Malakoff Street, August 2020.

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 10, 69, 71, 78 & 107.

1903 Frogmore Estate, Marrickville - Mar
1902 Frogmore Estate shows Frogmore Street
1903 Dulwich Estate, Marrickville - Marr
1903 Dulwich Estate

Malakoff Street appears as part of the Frogmore Estate in 1903 and also in the Dulwich Estate of the same year. Its name appears to have been taken from Malakoff Tower which is clearly shown in the Frogmore Estate subdivision. Malakoff Tower was demolished and the land is now occupied by Marrickville Police Station. The tower almost certainly took its name from the Battle of Malakoff that ended the siege of Sevastopol in 1855 as part of the Crimean War. In this battle that pitched French and some English troops against the Russian forces, the Russians were defeated hastening the end of the Crimean War. The Battle of Malakoff became a household name in Europe and many memorial towers were constructed to celebrate the victory.


The subdivisions of the Frogmore Estate in 1903 and the Dulwich Estate in 1903 consisted of mainly narrow blocks, typically 20 feet (6.1metres) x 100 feet (30.5 metres). The Frogmore estate shows Frogmore Street but this was removed and the lots realigned by the time of the Dulwich Estate. Many of the dwellings built in these first subdivisions were clearly meant to provide housing for workers. A large percentage of the homes were weatherboard or semi-detached. A lot of the original streetscape remains and retains the heritage of the area. In general, leaadlight was not common in small workers cottages.

1903 (c.) Plan Marrickville area] - Mala
1903 (?) lots on the western side are realigned after Frogmore Street was removed.

Malakoff Street

No 1 is a Federation house (c.1904) with leadlight in the end panels on the verandah and also in the fanlight above the front door. The leadlight in the front door fanlight is original.

No 1 Malakoff Street Front Door Fanlight
No 1 Malakoff Street Verandah End North.
No 1 Malakoff Street Verandah End South.
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