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Summer Hill

Haig Avenue

Main Period: Interwar 

Leadlight apparent at No 5.

The name Haig Avenue was presumably bestowed as a patriotic gesture honouring Field Marshal Lord Haig, military Commander-in-Chief during the heroic battles on the Western Front. The street  now comprises the C45 Haig Avenue, Summer Hill  Heritage Conservation Area but unfortunately  ‘the aesthetic significance of the area has been substantially degraded.’   

1919 Haig Subdivision Dover Street, Fren

Haig Avenue

No 5 is described as an Inter-War Arts-&-Crafts Californian bungalow most likely built immediately after the Haig Subdivision of 1919, with leadlight in a five panel casement square bay window on the right and in the two verandah doors and the sidelights. The verandah has been enclosed and they are difficult to see which is a pity because the design in the bay window is really quite lovely with a border of pastel blue and flowing floral elements.

No 5 Haig Avenue Five Panel Casement Squ
No 5 Haig Avenue Five Verandah Doors Sid
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