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Renwick Street

Main Period: Victorian - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 13, 31, 39A, 73, 84, 92B & 96.

Renwick Street was created when the Warren Estate was broken up after Thomas Holt, who built the estate, returned to England in 1883. The subdivision shown for ‘The Warren’ is dated c.1892 by the Stale Library of NSW but it is more likely to have taken place in the mid 1880’s. The bottom end of Renwick Street was subdivided in the Tempe Township subdivision in 1885 and the street is shown extending west, providing an indication that the Warren Subdivision had already happened. This area is now industrial and would have been flood prone. This early date is why there is a mixture of housing in Cary Street dating from the Victorian 1880’s, quite a few Federation houses and a few scattered bungalows.

Renwick Street.JPG
Renwick Street, June 2021
1892 (c)The Warren, Marrickville - Warre
Renwick Street circa. 1884
1885 Tempe township - Warren Rd, Park Rd
The bottom end of Renwick Street 1885.

Renwick Street

No 13 is a small early Californian bungalow (c.1922) with leadlight in a large verandah enclosure. This appears to have been added not long after the house was built It has suffered some damage unfortunately as it looks beautiful.


No 13 Renwick Street Verandah Enclosure.
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