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Summer Hill

Regent Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Sketch Short Street, Henson Street, Junc
1884 Junction Rd, Henson St, Regent St,

Leadlight apparent at No's 7, 8 & 14.

The sketch above is probably from the early 1880's while the plan on the right is from the Tavistock Estate in 1886.

The first sketch on the right suggests that subdivision in Regent Street began in the early 1880's.  The Tavistock Estate in 1886 shows lot on the southern side of Regent Street. Trafalgar Square appears to be a slightly earlier version of the Tavistock Estate where Henson Street is shown as Crane Street.

Trafalgar SquareHeights of Ashfield - Ju
This plan of Trafalgar Square shows Regent Street and may also be from the early 1880's.

Regent Street

No 7 is a late Victorian/early Federation house (c.1900) house with leadlight in the front door panels it to looks very Victorian.

No 7 Regent Street Victorian Front Door
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