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Summer Hill

Carrington Street

Tree lined Carrington Street.jpg

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - with a few bungalows.

Leadlight apparent at No’s 6A, 6B, 10, 15, 26, 27, 30, 33 & 60.

The subdivision of the Summer Hill Estate in 1886 created Carrington Street and shows it running into Tillock Street which was later subsumed into Carrington Street. The subdivision plan shows a section that was 'reserved' and it is this section that appears for auction in 1887. Both plans take a bit of liberty in showing the distance from the lots to the railway station. It is understandable that there should be so many Victorian dwellings in Carrington Street because most of the development occurred well before 1900. As a result Carrington Street has a large number of Victorian dwellings from the early 1880s and it follows there isn’t a lot of leadlight in those houses because it wasn't fashionable or affordable in these years.

Tree lined Carrington Street in May 2019.

1881 Sketch Plan Summerhill Estate - Cho
1881 Summerhill Estate - Choice Sites -

The southern end of what is now Carrington Street was then known as Tillock Street in the 1881 subdivision of the Summer Hill Estate.

1885 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley
1887 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley

Carrington Street was created in the Summer Hill Estate in 1885 with the reserved lots auctioned in 1887.

1892 Summer Hill Estate Fleet Street, Ed

Tillock Street is still shown as the southern extension of Carrington in this 1892 subdivision.

Carrington Street

Number 6B is a Californian bungalow with leadlight in the three panel casement window on the veranda. This is a classic Bungalow leadlight design from the early 1920’s

No 6B Carrington Street Three Panel Case
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