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Wicks Avenue

Main Period: Interwar - Post War

Wicks Avenue.JPG

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1A & 12

Subdivision Plans for Wicks Avenue have not been located but the area is shown the Moffatt Estate Marrickville subdivision of 1884. At this time some of the farmland on the north side of Ewart Street (then shown as Terrace Road) between Wardell Road and Beauchamp Street was owned by the Rev C.F. Macarthur with Berry’s Garden and Starkey Terrace Garden.

1884 Moffatt Estate, Marrickville - Terr

Wicks Avenue

Number 1A is an unusual post World War II house with leadlight in three panelled double hung angled bay window on the right and another on the left. The leadlight is very heavily leaded.

House in Wicks Avenue.JPG
No 1A Wicks Avenue Three Panel Double Hu
No 1A Wicks Avenue Three Panel Double Hu
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