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Moncur Street

Main Period: Victorian

Leadlight apparent at No’s.

Moncur Street.JPG
Moncur Stree, May 2021
1905 Moncur's Garden on the highlands of
1906 Moncur's Garden on the highlands of
The subdivision of Moncur's Garden1905 & 1906

The subdivision of Moncur's garden in 1905 created Moncur Street. The lots were promoted as being on the highlands of Marrickville' which is probably reassuring as parts of Marrickville had a reputation for flooding. The lots were very small and many of the houses on the southern side are semidetached. This was clearly a street for workers of modest means.

Moncur Street

No 26 is a small Federation cottage (c.1906) with leadlight in the front door panels that is a later edition.


No 26 Moncur Street Front Door Panels.JP
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