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Victoria Road

Main Period: Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No's 39, 41, 47, 49, 51, 53, 54, 56, 65, 82, 84, 331, 340 & 348A.

The Mill.JPG

Victoria is one of the oldest roads in Marrickville. It starts near the current site of the Marrickville Metro. In the Metro precinct one of the oldest houses in Marrickville, known as ‘The Mill’ was built c.1860. It provides an indication of the rural nature of the area before it became industrialised.


The wide curve in Victoria Road where it joins with Enmore Road is there because trams from Newtown and Enmore ran down the road on their way to Sydenham or to Dulwich Hill.


The northern part of Victoria Road is reflects the Federation development of the area. The northern end is paved with bricks like a quite a few streets in Marrickville. Many of the houses at this end are in very close to original condition.

The number of subdivision plans is substantial. There is a link button on the right to see them.

Victoria Road

No 47 is a Federation cottage with leadlight in the front door panel and in the centre panel of a three panel casement window on the verandah.

No 47 Victoria Road Front Door Panel.jpg
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