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Denman Avenue

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 16, 20, 22, 34, 36 & 38

Denman Avenue was part of the 3rd subdivision of Stanton’s Haberfield Estate offered for sale in 1905. It was originally known as St David’s Avenue but was renamed in 1917 to Denman Avenue. On the maps of the 3rd subdivision it is shown as St David’s Avenue. While most of the houses in Denman Avenue are from the Mid-Federation period there are a couple of fine examples of Interwar Bungalows.

Most of the leadlight in the Mid-Federation and Late-Federation era homes in Denman Avenue is confined to the front entrance although No 38 is an excellent example of how this generalization does not always hold true. As the years progressed so the leadlight spread out from the front door and into the verandah doors and casement windows, particularly in the Interwar Bungalows. Being a relatively short street it is a good place to look at how leadlight styles and locations evolved from 1905 to the 1930’s.

On this map of the 3rd Subdivision of the Haberfield Estate Denman Avenue is shown a St David's Avenue. The name was changed in 1917.

Denman Avenue

No 1 is a Federation house (1915) with leadlight in the front door panels. Barely discernible behind the screen door are bevelled glass squares set in a circle in the large door panel

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