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Ewart Street

Main Period: Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s 15, 20, 22, 29, 31 & 31A

Ewart Street was shown as Terrace Road in the 1884 subdivision of the Moffat Estate Marrickville when lots on the southern side were offered for sale. At this time the land in the area consisted of market gardens and dairy farms Land on the northern side of Terrace Road was owned by the Rev C.F. Macarthur, Berry’s Market Garden and the Starkey Terrace Garden. (Starkey was probably W.A. Starkey who owned Gladstone Hall in the Hurlstone Park end of Terrace Road). The lots in this estate were huge with frontages of 30 metres and  depth of 100 metres. These lots were subsequently subdivided sometime after 1900. Most of the development appears to have occurred from about 1910 through to the interwar years.

1884 Moffatt Estate, Marrickville - Terr
1899 Yule's Estate, Marrickville - Terra
The Moffatt Estate 1884
Yule's Estate 1899
Ewart Street Looking West.JPG
Ewart Street looking west, May 2021

Ewart Street

No 15 has leadlight in the three panel casement window that is partially concealed by the verandah enclosure. 

No 15 Ewart Street Three Panel Casement
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