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Summer Hill

Dover Street

Main Period: Federation - 

Leadlight apparent at 

Dover Street was part of the original subdivision of the Underwood Estate in 1878 and was part of an area designed as an upmarket subdivision close to the Summer Hill railway station which also opened in 1879. The subdivision promoting Summer Hill Railway Station in 1883 show those lots in Dover Street that had and had not soled in the initial auction. The Haig Subdivision of 1919 shows th outline of some of the houses that had been built in Dover Street.

There are some really big Victorian mansions close to the station end of Dover Street; beautiful! Most of the leadlight is from the Victorian years from the mid-1880's and provides some wonderful examples of geometric and almost sombre designs that were typical of the time. Most of the leadlight in this period was 'confined' to the front entrance.

1878 The Underwood Estate - Ashfield - L
1883 Summer Hill Station - Liverpool Rd,
1883 Liverpool Rd, Parramatta Rd, Dover
1919 Haig Subdivision Dover Street, Fren

Dover Street

No 10 is a large Victorian two storey house (c.1885) that has wonderful leadlight in the front entrance sidelights & tops and in the fanlight. It’s very difficult to photograph because of the angle and the column but it appears to be beautifully Victorian.

10 Dover Street Front Door Panels.jpg
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