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John Street

Main Period: Victorian- Federation – Interwar – current

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 5, 7, 9, 25 & 43

Parts of John were subdivided in 18790and there were other subdivisions in the 1880’s and 1890’s. A walk down John street takes you past just about every building type in Ashfield but the ones from the 1880’s are just amazing. There are weatherboard cottages and fine Victorian mansions through to current renovations. There is one of the few weatherboard cottages in the municipality that has leadlight windows at No 43.

John Street

No 1 is a Californian Bungalow built c.1926. There is a three panel casement window on the left side that is partially obscured by the garden shrubs but it has a diamond or ‘diaper’ pattern in all the panels. It has a double door entrance with an oval pattern piece of leadlight in each of the doors. The entrance to the verandah has two diamond pattern sidelights.

The Ashfield Heritage Study 1991-1992 does identify the fact that the house has ‘leaded glass in a diamond quarry pattern' but does not mention the simple oval design in the double doors. 

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