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Arthur Street

Main Period: Victorian – Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 8, 12, 15, 49 & 65

Arthur Street is a long street that runs from Victoria Street to Croydon. Subdivisions occurred from the 1880’s through to WW1. At the eastern end is the Fire Station that has excellent late Victorian style leadlight while. Pratten Park and Thirning Villa are significant features of Arthur Street. Arthur Street is like Ashfield; a real mixture of the old and the new.

Arthur Street

The Fire Station

The address of the Fire Station is 16 Victoria Street but the leadlight windows face Arthur Street. The fire station has some magnificent leadlight. There is a great bull’s eye but only half is visible behind the Fence. The large double hung window above the bull’s eye is very Victorian in feel but has the beginnings of the fluid Federation influence.

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