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Robert Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s. 15, 18, 20, 38, 39, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47 & 49.

Robert Street has a mixture of Victorian and Federation era homes. TRobert Street is on the site of Robert Pfoeffer’s market garden. It was originally called Pfoeffer Street. Robert Pfoeffer was a local market gardener and a Mayor of Marrickville (1877-78). Robert Street is shown on the Pfoeffer’s Garden subdivision and in the Compagnoni’s Garden subdivision. It seems that the Pfoeffer’s Garden subdivision occurred in 1884 and the southern end of the street took place soon after. Leadlight was not common in Victorian homes, limited to fanlights above front doors. It appears more frequently in the Federation period and this can be seen in the leadlight of Robert Street. There are also a few oddities to explore The even numbered side was subsequently subdivided in the early 1900’s. Parts of Robert Street are included in the David Street Heritage Conservation area.

These plans provide a great indication of Marrickville in transition from a rural rea with farms and large mansion estates to a n increasingly urbanised and industrialised period in the 1880’s

Robert Street
1879 (c) [Plan Marrickville area] - Gord
These two plans show the subdivision of Pfoeffer's Garden in 184. They both indicate that the street will be extended when the Compagnoni garden was subdivided
1880 (c.) Compagnoni's Garden, Marrickvi
Camopagnoni's Garden c.1885

Robert Street

No 18 is a late Federation house (c.1916) with leadlight in a three panel casement window on the verandah, in the front door panel and fanlight, and also in a three panel casement window on the right. The design is wonderfully fluid, swirling around the panels.


No 18 Robert Street Three Panel Casement
No 18 Robert Street Front Door Panel and
No 18 Robert Street Three Panel Casement
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