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Garners Avenue

Main Period: Victorian - Interwar

Garners Avenue.jpg
Garners Avenue, August 2020

Leadlight apparent at No’s 20A, 20 & 58

1887 Garner's Paddock Marrickville - Garners Ave, Illawarra Rd, Sydenham Rd, Marrickville Rd,.jpg
Garner's Paddock, Oct 1st 1887.

The development of Garners Avenue took place in two stages and this can be seen in the distinct differences between the eastern and western sides of the street. The western side was offered for sale as Garner’s Paddock in 1887. The eastern side was part of McGee’s Subdivision in 1905.

Garner's Paddock.jpg
Garner's Paddock, Oct 8th, 1887: one week later.
McGee's Subdivision in 1905 shows that most of the lots on the other side of the street had been sold.

Garners Avenue

No 22A is an Interwar bungalow (c.1932) with leadlight in a three panel casement window on the verandah. The design is typical of the late Art Deco period using geometric shapes, bevelled glass, textured glass and minimal colour. This window is identical to the one next door.

No 22A Garners Avenue Three Panel Casement Window.jpg
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