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Ross Street

Main Period: Early Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 3, 4, 11, 13.

Ross Street was initially known as Coane Street as part of Richard Johnson’s Canterbury Estate. By 1906 it had been renamed Ross Street as part of the Turanville Estate Fern Hill Petersham West and the houses in the street were built around this time.

Cobar Street, New Canterbury Road, Kroom
1906 Turanville Estate Fernhill New Cant

Ross Street

No 3 is a beautiful early Federation house (c.1906) with a wonderful front entrance set of leadlight in the front door panels, the sidelights and tops and in the fanlight in which there is some stained glass. While this is a Federation era house the leadlight is decidedly Victorian in design. It is almost entirely geometric in design and contains beautiful rondels and smaller jewels. The colours are quite vivid and the whole entrance is beautiful. There is also a bull’s eye to the left of the front door that is difficult to see from the street but it too has a geometric design.

No 3 Ross Street Front Door Panel,Sideli
No 3 Ross Street Bull's Eye.jpg
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