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Fifth Street

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 5, 6, 17,20,26, 33,39, & 45

Lots in Fifth Street were auctioned in September 1916, right in the middle of World War 1. It was the second part of the Wattle Hill Estate then regarded as being part of Hurlstone Park. There are a mixture of late Federation houses and Californian Bungalows in Fifth Street. The leadlight that remains is quite an eclectic collection ranging from late Federation style with the residual influence of Art Nouveau  through to the Art Deco of the mid 1920’s.

This extraordinary poster advertising the auction of the Wattle Hill Estate in 1916 has a very nationalistic look about it. 

Fifth Street

No 5 is a very unusual late Federation/Bungalow style house built probably around 1920. The house has seen better days. There is leadlight in a six panel casement square bay window, a huge ten panel casement square bay window, and in a four panel casement angled bay window and possibly in a second square bay window towards the rear of the house but this was covered. There is also leadlight at the front of the house enclosing the verandah but this appears to be a later addition. The bay window sets all have a regular diaper pattern but what makes them unusual or extraordinary is that they are set under incredible roof or awning structures and are suspended.

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