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Summer Hill

Grosvenor Crescent

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

No 48 Grosvenor Crescent.jpg

Leadlight apparent at 14, 15, 19, 41, 48 & 60

Grosvenor Crescent runs alongside the railway line. It is clearly shown on the 1878 Underwood Estate subdivision. Since that time many of the lots have been developed and redeveloped with the Western end of the street almost entirely home units. Some original leadlight remains though.

1878 The Underwood Estate - Ashfield - L
1880 Underwood Estate - Summerhill Stati

Grosvenor Crescent

No 14 is a two storey terrace house (circa 1883) with leadlight in the fanlight above the front door. Given its probable construction in the 1880’s and the design used in the leadlight it is not likely to be original.  

No 14 Grosvenor Crescent Front Door Fanl
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