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Enmore Road

Main Period: Victorian

Leadlight apparent at No’s 221, 254, 262, 264, 74, 278, 282, 284, 286, 290.

1840 c. Wardell's Estate, Addison Road,
This early map shows Enmore Road and could be from the late 1830s
1875 30 acres Grant - Enmore - Parish of
This early map showsWell's 30 acregrant and Enmore Road and could be from the late 1830s

Enmore Road was built over a Cadigal walking track prior to the 1850’s. Enmore was named after Enmore House, built in 1835 by Captain Sylvester Browne. Mary Reiby moved to Enmore in the 1840’s and lived in Reiby House which had a frontage almost 2 kilometres long Enmore Road. When the house was demolished in 1883 it made way for 530 building sites.

Enmore Road between Newington Road (then known as Emily Street) and Addison Road is shown on a circa 1850 map showing proposed subdivisions and owners at the time including Dr Wardell’s Estate. As Wardell was killed in 1834, this map could have been drawn up earlier This map even refers to Lang’s original grant of 100 acres in 1794.

Enmore Road is shown in the 1875, Well's 30 acres grant – Enmore- Parish of Petersham ‘known as Black’s now Llewellin’s Property. This map is dated12/11/75. 

There is a map, dated 1835 by the State Library of NSW, showing part of Moor’s Grant of 470 acres, but this map is most likely to have been drawn in the 1880’s

Marrickville Park is shown in the 1911 subdivision of Frankfort House and Grounds

There are lots of Victorian era buildings in Enmore Road and at the northern end most are quite well preserved and look great.

1835 (c.) Marrickville, part of Moore's
This map shows Enmore Road opposite Well's grant
1911 Frankfort House & Grounds, Marrickv
This map shows Enmore Roadopposite Well's grant

Enmore Road

No 221 is an interwar bungalow (c.1934) with leadlight in the sidelights of the verandah door. The focus is a square of bevelled glass.

No 221 Enmore Road Front Door Sidelights
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