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Cecil Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation -  Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 12A, 24, 24A 33A & 49

First subdivided in 1879 the buildings appear to have been built over a number of years and then built over.  The oldest building is probably No 19 from the

1879 subdivision

It is a tree lined street and the southern end has a lot of flats and units and very little of the original housing from the early subdivision.

Cecil Street 

No 12 A is a block of Interwar flats and has retained a lot of its original leadlight. There are four two panel double hung windows; two on the ground floor and two on the first floor. The leadlight is very Art Deco and, unusually, the radiant pattern in each of the windows is split between the panels and radiates, not from the centre of each panel but from the centre of the two panels. The triangles of yellow, green and purple highlight the radiant design in the top panels and the bottom panels are full of geometric shapes.

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