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Crimson Street

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at 

Crimson Street is a short street that runs off Trevenar Street (then Goodlet Street). It was subdivided as part of the Queens Grove Estate in 1913 and has a few of the oldest late Federation houses in Ashbury. There are some lovely Federation houses in Crimson Street and a few have leadlight. Some of the leadlight in the Federation era houses heralds the imminent arrival of the Art Deco aesthetic.

Crimson Street Was regarded as being part of Ashfield South in 1913. It is one of the 'older' streets in Ashbury. The street had a building covenant of £300 and this resulted in some fine houses being built.

Crimson Street

No 1A & 1b is a renovated house that has retrofitted some double hung windows where the lower panels have a radiant pattern emanating from a square of bevelled glass.

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