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Kelvin Street

Main Period:  Interwar

Leadlight apparent at 

Lots in Kelvin Street were auctioned as part of the Fifth subdivision of the Goodlet Estate in 1922 (the north side of the street… odd numbers) and again as part of the Sixth Subdivision of the Goodlet Estate (the south side of the street… even numbers) two years later in 1924. While it is a relatively short street there is quite a difference in the architecture and subsequently in the designs of the leadlight.

The north side with the odd numbers was sold first and the southern side, odd numbers, was sold in 1924.

Kelvin Street

No 1 is a Californian Bungalow built after 1922 and currently undergoing some renovation/restoration. There is leadlight in the front door panel and sidelight and in two three panel casement windows on the verandah either side of the front entrance. The design has a very geometric Art Deco feel with bevelled glass diamonds in the outer panels of the casements bordered with opaque white and blue glass. The centre panels have a bevelled glass rectangle surrounded by blue and white glass. All the other glass is textured. When this grand old house is restored the leadlight will enhance the frontage.

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