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Middle Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Middle Street.jpg

Leadlight apparent at No’s 5, 11, 15, & 38.

Middle Street August 2020.

The subdivision plans show that development in Middle Street commenced at the western end in 1891 with the street width narrowing in the eastern part as shown in the 1900, 1903 & 1909 subdivisions. Some of the residences from the 1890’s are shown in these later plans.

Californian Bungalows in Middle Street.j
1880's house in Middle Street.jpg
Californian bungalows in Middle Street.
1891 Portion of Mrs Jones' subdivision,
Mrs Jones' Sundivision,1891.
1900 Choice Building Sites, Stanmore - B
Middle Street 1900
1903 Wellington Estate, Stanmore, Adjoin
1909 Wellington Estate, Stanmore, Adjoin
Middle Street 1909.
Middle Street 1903
1880's house in Middle Street

Middle Street

No 5 is a Federation semi-detached cottage (c,1910) with leadlight in the front door panels. The leadlight is very attractive but is a latter addition. There isn’t any leadlight in any of the other semi-detached cottages in the street built at this time.

No 5 Middle Street Front Door Panels.jpg
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