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Summer Hill

Kensington Road

Main Period: Victorian- Federation 

Leadlight apparent at No’s 2, 10, 30A, 43, 44, 52, 77, 79 & 80.

Kensington Road was part of the 1878 subdivision of the Underwood Estate and while many of the original houses in on the north western side have been demolished to make way for home units a significant area of the street retains its distinctly Victorian character and is justifiably included in the C47  North Summer Hill, Summer Hill Heritage Conservation Area. The street has many one and two storey Victorian Filigree detached and semidetached and terrace housing and Victorian Italianate style one and two storey houses and some weatherboard cottages, Federation and Inter-war period single storey detached houses, but, not a great deal of leadlight given that it was not fashionable in the 1880’s. The street is almost certainly named after Kensington in London.

1873 Underwood Estate - Ashfield - Parra

Kensington Road is not indicated on this 1873 map of the Underwood Estate.

No 2 Kensington Road.jpg

This Victorian Italianate house from the 1880's was typical of many built in the Underwood Estate.

Houses in Kensington Street.jpg
Sloan, Kensington & Cowper 1878.JPG

By 1878 Kensington Road is one of the main roads in the Underwood Estate.

1880 Underwood Estate - Summerhill Stati

This group of three houses from the late 1880's is at the western end of Kensington Road.

Kensington Road

No 2 is a Victorian Victorian Italianate mansion from the 1880s with leadlight in the sidelights & tops and in the fanlight above the front door. 

No 2 Kensington Road Front DoorSidelight
No 2 Kensington Road.jpg
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