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Woodland Street

Main Period: Victorian

Woodland Street.jpg

Leadlight apparent at No 10

Woodland Street, August 2020

Woodland Street is a short Street that runs from Illawarra Road to Henson Park. Lots were offered for sale in 1880 as part of the Fairview Marrickville Estate. Most of the lots on the western side of Woodland Street are shown as sold. In the 1883 subdivision of the Beer's Estate several buildings are shown as already constructed on the eastern side of Woodlands Street. At the time these lots were offered for sale the brickpits had not been developed. 

1880 25 choice building sites, Fairview,
1883 Beer's Estate, Marrickville - Chape

Woodland Street

Number 10 is a Victorian era house (c.1884)  with leadlight in the sidelights & tops and in the fanlight above the front door. I had the opportunity of photographing the fanlight from in inside and it is a beautiful example of leadlight and stencilled stained glass.  

No 10 Woodlands Street Front Door  Fanli
No 10 Woodlands Street Front Door  Fanli
No 10 Woodland Street Front Door Sidelig
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