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Norton Street

Main Period: Victorian -  Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 26, 37, 39, 50, 52, 54, 56, 60, 80 & the Fire Station.

Norton Street is truly representative of Ashfield with great diversity in the residences and buildings. There are Victorian Mansions and two storey terraces, Federation period houses and Californian bungalows, Interwar flats , churches, Polish and Croatian Clubs, unit blocks from the 1960’s-‘ 90’s, Ashfield Mall, the fire station, and office blocks. Subdivisions occurred as early as 1876 through to 1923. There has been a lot of redevelopment in subsequent years.

Norton Street

No 26 is a Californian Bungalow. It has two three panel casement windows with a strong floral motif and slightly angled vertical elements that make the design unusual.

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