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Garnet Street

Main Period: Federation - Federation- Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 3, 19, 33, 39, 41, 53 & 61.

Parts of the north eastern side of Garnet Street, just inside wehat is now Dulwich Hill, were subdivided in the mid-1890’s. The north-eastern side was offered for auction as part of Yules Estate Marrickville in 1899. The housing in this part of Garnet Street is mostly from the early Federation period. The south-eastern side of Garnet Street was part of the Gladstone Hall Estate auctioned in 1907 and there are a few late Federation and Bungalows at the bottom end.

1899 Yules Estate Terrace Road,Garnet St
1907 Gladstone Hall Estate Garnet Street
Garnet Estate Fernhill.JPG

Garnet Street

No 3 is a beautiful symmetrical Federation house federation house built in 1900 that is hidden behind a hedge. There is leadlight in the front door panels and in the fanlight that is typical of this early Federation/late Victorian period.

No 3 Garnett Street Front Door Panels &
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