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Frampton Avenue

Main Period: Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s 19, 36, 38, 44, 54, 55

Semi-detached Cottages In Frampton Avenu
Semi-detached houses in Frampton Avenue, August 2020.

Lots in Frampton Avenue were offered for sale as part of McGee’s Subdivision in 1905.  It is amazing to think that the blocks in this subdivision were 20 feet wide and 154 feet deep (6.1metres x 47 metres). This was clearly a subdivision to provide houses for workers. As a result, there are some lovely early small Federation cottages and semi-detached cottages in the street. As a general rule, these workers houses did not have leadlight, though there are some surviving remnants.

1905 McGee's subdivision, Marrickville -
Frampton Avenue was created in McGee's Subdivision of 1905

Frampton Avenue

No 19 is a semi-detached house (1905) with leadlight in the top front door panels and in the fanlight. The leadlight in the fanlight appears to be original.

No 19 Frampton Avenue Top Front Door Pan
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