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Parramatta Road

Main Period:  All over the place!

Leadlight apparent at No 120

Parramatta Road is an extremely busy thoroughfare.  It is now classified by the Inner West Council as Enterprise Zone B6 Corridor. It has been developed and re-developed over almost 200 years.  

No 120 is a late Victorian two storey house that, given the nature of the leadlight, must have been occupied by a religious order at some stage. There is a large imposing angled bay window on the right with leadlight. The front panel has a geometric design at the centre of which there is a chalice in an opaque white glass. The letters J H S with a cross slightly above and passing through the H. The front door fanlight has some letters in it that are difficult to discern from the street. The double hung window on the west side has a radiant cross in cross upper panel. The leadlight is all very Victorian. Would love to know the history of this place.

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