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Bright Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation

Leadlight apparent at No’s 6, 8, 14, 16 & 18.

1870 (C)  [Plan Marrickville area] - Alb

1870 (C)  [Plan Marrickville area] - showing Charles St (now Bright Street),

1891 Portion of Mrs Jones' subdivision,

Mrs Jones' Subdivision of 1891 shows Brights Street as Jones Street.

A plan from the State Library of NSW shows that the land was subdivided as early as 1870 (c.) when the street was shown as Charles Street. Before 1900 Bright Street was shown as Jones Street on the sale of Mrs Jones Subdivision in 1891. This was a period of a great depression but many of the lots are shown as sold. Many of the houses built in the 1890’s still exist in good condition.

There are some beautiful late Victorian houses in Bright Street.

Bright Street House 1.jpg
Bright Street House 2.jpg

Bright Street

No 6 is Victorian house built in the 1880s with leadlight in the fan light above the front door. The leadlight is a later addition.

No 6 Bright Street Front Door Fanlight.j
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