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Premier Street

Main Period: Victorian- Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 23, 25, 33, 47, 49, 61 61A & 92.

Premier  Street was created as part of the Warren Estate subdivision of 1884 where lots on the southern side of the street went up for auction. Lots on the northern side of the street were part of ‘The Warren: Marrickville’ circa. 1892. Lots on the southern side between Mansion Street and MGowan Avenue were created when the Warren itself was demolished in 1919 to make way for further subdivision.

It appears that only a few houses were initially built in the 1880’s & 90’s because there are houses from the late Victorian period through to the Interwar years when Californian bungalows prevailed.

Premier Street.JPG
Premier Street, May 2021
Premier Street towards Carrington Street
Premier Street towards Carrington Street , May 2021
No 23 Premier Street House.JPG
1894 (c) Warren Estate, second subdivisi
1884 The Warren Estate
1892 (c)The Warren, Marrickville - Warre
1892 The Warren 
1919 The Warren, Marrickville, plan of s
1919 The Warren  Marrickville

Premier Street

No 23 is a late Victorian/early Federation two storey house (mansion?) with leadlight in the fanlight above the front door.


No 23 Premier Street Fanlight above fron
No 23 Premier Street House.JPG
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