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The Parade

Main Period: Federation - 

Leadlight apparent at No’s 2, 6, 14, 16 & 28.

The Parade Appears on the Yule’s Estate Auction in 1899 right at the end of the Victorian era and on the eve of Federation. There are quite a few Federation era weatherboard cottages in The Parade but most of these do not have any leadlight.

1899 Yules Estate Terrace Road,Garnet St

The Parade

No 2 to is a magnificent corner block Federation house (c.1902) with leadlight in a five panel casement square bay window on the corner of the veranda, in a bull’s-eye on the veranda and in the fan lights and tops by the front door as well as a lovely arched casement window with four panels with leadlight in the fanlight. There is also one remaining panel of leadlight in the verandah door.

No 2 The Parade Five Panel Square Bay Wi
No 2 The Parade Verandah Door Panel.jpg
No 2 The Parade Bull's Eye.jpg
No 2 The Parade Fanlight and Tops.jpg
No 2 The Parade Four Panel Arched Caseme
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