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Juliett Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation

Juliett Street.jpg

Leadlight apparent at No’s 23, 25, 27, 29, 39, 59, 63, 67, 73, 85, 87, 89 & 126.

Semis in Juliett Street.jpg

Juliet Street is a lovely street tree lined with mostly late Victorian and early Federation houses. The footpaths, on by sides of the street, are paved with bricks demonstrating the availability of bricks and the local brick pits in the 1890’s.


In the 1875 plan above the street is shown as ‘Juilet’ Street The second sketch also indicates ‘Juliet Street’ and on the reverse is written ‘Village of Enmore’ and the date of 26/2/97. The Harrow Road shown no longer exists.


There’s a long row single story terrace houses, about 14 altogether, and they would have been beautiful when built and they are still in reasonably good nick.

Juliett Street July 2020
Semi's in Juliett Street
1909 Llewellin Estate, Llewellin Street,
By 1909 Juliet Street had been extended to Llewewellin Street
Photo of Geminorium built in 1901.jpg
Geminorium built in 1907
1875 30 acres Grant - Enmore - Parish of
1875 30 acres Grant - Enmore -Juliet Street is shown
1897 Village of Enmore - Harrow Rd, Juli
Juliet Street is just visible in this 1897 sketch.

Juliett Street

No 23 is a Federation house (c.1904) with leadlight in a three panel casement window at the front of the house and, in a magnificent front entrance set. There isn’t any leadlight in the front door (although there would have been originally) but the leadlight in the surrounds is very unique and very Federation. The joinery, masonry and the leadlight are exceptional.

No 23 Juliett Street Front Entrance.jpg
No 23 Juliett Street Three Panel Casemen
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