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Frederick Street

Main Period: Victorian -  Federation- Interwar - Current

Leadlight apparent at No’s 38A, 42, 48, 52, 54, 56, & 85

Frederick Street is an old and very long street but surprisingly little leadlight remains and some that does is not always complete. The land between Banks Street and Hedger Avenue were subdivided in 1885 as were the lots between Church and almost John Street. Those around Albert Parade were subdivided at the same time as Albert Parade in 1876. No 45, on the corner of Albert Parade was built in 1881. There is an imposing row of two storey terraces that were identical when originally built in 1882. Many of the houses on the eastern side of Frederick Street have been replaced by units built in the 1970’s. On the western side there are some Victorian homes, later Federation and early Californian Bungalows and only these have retained some leadlight.

Frederick Street

No 18B could be an Interwar house or possibly post war. It has two two panel double hung windows and three single panel double hung windows and all have a basic design of tessellating rectangles.

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