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New Canterbury Road

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 315, 323, 325, 338, 342, 354, 357, 359, 361, 371, 375, 381, 393, 521, 585, 587 691, 693, 695 & 697.

New Canterbury Road is one of the old roads in the Inner Western suburbs. It runs from roughly from Petersham along the ridgetop that separates the Parramatta River and Cooks River valeys to where it meets Old Canterbury Road. As development extended westward through Dulwhich Hill it is possible to see, in what would have been roughly a mile (1.6km), the transition from the early appearance of leadlight in Victorian homes of the 1880's, through to the Interwar years and the Californian bungaloww, where it became somewhat ubiquitous. Regrettably a lot has been lost in this area of Dulwich hill which make the leadlight that remains so much more important.

1874 Lewisham Hill Estate Denison Road,
1899 Yules Estate Terrace Road,Garnet St
1906 Turanville Estate Fernhill New Cant
1927 Dulwich Hill Business Sites Railway
1892 Lewisham West Lewisham Road, Deniso
Cobar Street, New Canterbury Road, Kroom

New Canterbury Road

No 315 is a Californian bungalow (c.1922) with leadlight in a two panel casement window on the veranda. The design is quite elegant with bevelled glass sets as the focus.

No 315 New Canterbury Road Two Panel Cas
No 697 New Canterbury Road Front Door Fa
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