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Canberra Street 

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No's 3 & 9

The Campbell family are responsible for naming Canberra Street, particularly Sophia Campbell who named Canberra Street as early as 1874 after the locality of Duntroon, the Campbell family's estate in what is now the Australian Capital Territory.


Some lots in Canberra Street were auctioned in 1916 as part of the 6th subdivision of the Jeffrey’s Estate. Only two houses appear to have retained their original leadlight.

Canberra Street Hurlstone Park is shown on this map of the Canterbury Estate (c.1874).

Canberra Street was subdivided for residential building in 1912.

Canberra Street

No 3 is a Federation house (c.1918) with leadlight in a bull’s eye on the western side of the house.

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