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Hill Street

Main Period: Interwar

Hill Street.JPG

Leadlight apparent at No’s 14, 16, 18, 22, 24, 64, 66, 68 & 70

Hill Street looking down the hill, May 2021.
1919 Tramway Estate, Marrickville - Livi

All the lots on the southern side of Hill Street were auctioned just after WW1 in 1919 as part of the Tramway Estate The tram could take people into Sydney There were already some houses built at this time but most took the form of Californian bungalows. As the name suggests, Hill street meanders from Livingstone Road down to Illawarra Road.


The tramway Estate created a lot of plots on the southern side of Hill Street 

Hill Street

No 14 is a Californian bungalow (c.1920) with leadlight in a small window facing north and in a two panel double hung window facing the street.


No 14 Hill Street Two Panel Double Hung
No 16 Hill Street Small Window.JPG
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