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Summer Hill

Smith Street

1873 Underwood Estate - Ashfield - Parra
1877 Underwood Estate (Most of north Sum

The sketch from 1873 and the survey plan of 1877 show that Smith Street was shown as a 'Road'

Main Period: Victorian -  Federation 

Leadlight apparent at No’s 64, 90, 114, 116, 118, 120, 122, 126, 154, 158, 164, 168, 176, 177, 178 & 180.

The northern side of Smith Street is marked the southern border of the Underwood Estate in 1873 and the plan shows it was a reserved road. In the 1877 survey it still did not have a name. Two subdivisions of the Summer Hill Estate Ashfield, the first in 1876 and another a year later show the blocks had been sold but also that Smith Street was still just shown as ‘Road’. When the Underwood Estate was auctioned in 1878 the Road had become Smith Street. Development began to increase in the 1880’s. Twelve lots in the Sumer Hill Estate were auctioned in 1885 and the 1887 Auction shows that the original lots in Smith were sold and another 22 that had been reserved were up for sale.


The shops are a significant part of Smith Street and, wonderfully, some of them have retained their leadlight. St Andre’s Church and the Post Office are also significant features and landmarks ans so are the magnificent mansions and Interwar flats.


The extended period of development in Smith Street, from the 1870’s, to the Federation and Interwar years has provided a legacy of some beautiful leadlight.

No 176 Smith Street.jpg
Smith Street Streetscape.jpg
No 168 Smith Street.jpg
1876 Ashfield Estate Short, Prospect, Hu
1877 The Summer Hill Estate - Ashfield -

The south western end of Smith Street in 1876 and again in 1877 showing which lots had been sold but it was still just a road.

1878 The Underwood Estate - Ashfield - L

The 1878 auction of the Underwood Estate shows that Smith Street had a name.

The large blocks at the south western end of Smith Street resulted from a resubdivision in 1886.

1886 Parish of Petersham - Prospect Rd,
1885 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley
1887 The Summer Hill Estate - Wellesley

The Summer Hill Estate Auctions in 1885 & 1887 sold 34 lots in Smith Street

See more Subdivision Plans on the last Slide

Church 2.jpg
Smith Street Post Office 1.jpg
Smith Street Mansions.jpg
No 158 Smith Street.jpg

Smith Street

No 64 is a small terrace house, one of two, with leadlight in the fanlight above the front door.

No 64 Smith Street Front Door  Fanlight.
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