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Summer Hill

Gower Street

Main Period: Victorian - Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at No’s 10, 16 & 21.

Gower Street, like many of Summer Hill’s streets, (Kensington, Sloane and Grosvenor) have names based on the  fashionable areas of London during the 1870s. Many of the large homes have either been demolished or converted into flats but a few remain and so too does some of the original leadlight.

1878 The Underwood Estate - Ashfield - L
1888  Summer Hill - Gower St, Grosvenor
1937 Summer Hill - Gower Court Subdivisi

Gower Street was part of the original subdivision of the Underwood Estate in 1878. 

Gower Crescent was created in 1937.

Gower Street

Number 10 is a large Victorian villa built in 1890 with leadlight in the front entrance door sidelights and in the fanlight. There is also leadlight in a verandah entrance that is identical to the front entrance. The leadlight is beautifully Victorian, geometric, rondels and strong borders.

No 10 Gower Street Front Door Sidelights
No 10 Gower Street Verandah Door Sidelig
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