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Euston Road

Main Period: Federation - Interwar

Leadlight apparent at Euston, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 & 21

Euston Road was created by the 5th Subdivision of the Jeffrey's Estate in 1910.

When Sophia Campbell owned the Canterbury Estate sandstone was quarried in the area around the corner of Euston Road and Gower Street and the current site of Euston Park. The quarry has been described as a ‘whinstone’ quarry. Whinstone is a term used for any dark hard stone. The sandstone quarried from the site was used to build St Paul’s Anglican Church between 1858 and 1859 at Canterbury and would have been carted up to the church site along what is now Floss Street.


A significant feature of Euston Road is a large Federation house (No 67 Floss Street) ‘Euston’ built in the Queen Anne style in 1911 by Vincent Campbell Sharp and his wife Florence Puddicombe. This house has had a number of owners and is currently being restored. It’s leadlight bay windows are now looking wonderful and the house itself will also soon look magnificent.


Euston Street was part the 5th Subdivision of the Jeffrey’s Estate described as Fernhill on the Hill in 1910. Many of the houses on the north side of Euston Road are in an excellent state and their leadlight is, in most instances intact and provide wonderful examples of leadlight from the period between 1910 and the start of World War 1. It is understandable that this precinct is considered to have heritage significance.

Euston Road

The postal address for ‘Euston’ is 67 Floss Street but it is included here because of its significance to the street. This wonderful Federation house was built in 1911 and is currently being very sympathetically and meticulously restored. There is leadlight in two magnificent six panel casement square bay windows on the verandah on either side of the entrance. The leadlight, the joinery, the stonework and the brickwork are fabulous. There is also leadlight in the entrance fanlight and tops and it would appear that the sidelights will have their leadlight restored.

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