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Cobar Street

Main Period: Federation - 

Leadlight apparent at No’s 1, 2, 13, 19A, 22, 42, 44, 46, 71

Cobar Street is shown on a number of early plans, one of which is Canterbury Estate; Part of Richard Joknson’s 50ac Grant. While the plan is undated it appears to be from the 1880’s. In 1906 it was part of the Turanville Estate Fern Hill Petersham West (Fernhill was the name of Hurlstone Park Station). Comparing these two maps shows that there were significant realignments in the lots prior to 1906. The lots were quite small in the Canterbury Estate plan and did not face Cobar Street while in in the Turanville Estate plan they were larger and the lots on Cobar Street faced the street.


Cobar is a relatively long street with a few houses still retaining their original leadlight. At the western end there is a large two storey Victorian terrace and there were probably others which have been demolished to make way for flats and now units. Residential development is still continuing with multi-storey units constructed on New Canterbury Road.

Cobar Street, New Canterbury Road, Kroom
1906 Turanville Estate Fernhill New Cant

Cobar Street

No 1 is a Federation semi-detached house with leadlight in the front door panels. It is unfortunate that the front door is shrouded in shade because the leadlight looks great.

No 1 Cobar Street Front Door Panels.jpg
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