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England Avenue

England Avenue.jpg

Main Period: Victorian

England Avenue looking South, August 2020.
Semi-detached houses in England Avenue.j
Semi's like these are relatively common in England Avenue.

Leadlight apparent at No 35.

England Street has a lot of small cottages and semi-detached houses. Subdivision plans for the Wellington Estate suggests that most of the lots in the northern end of the street were first offered for sale in 1903. Newington College features in the advertising although it would be difficult to see boys from such workers homes being able to attend the college. Modest housing such as that in England Street rarely had leadlight.

1903 Wellington Estate, Stanmore, Adjoin
1909 Wellington Estate, Stanmore, Adjoin

England Avenue

No 35 is a modified house built between 1903 and 1908 with leadlight in the side light and the fanlight of the front door. It looks as though it is a later addition but the design is consistent with the period. None of the other houses in the street have any leadlight. 

No 35 England Avenue Frond Door Sideligh
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